Our Quality Policy establishes a series of principles by which our Company is governed.

  1. REACH

All the Company. With the following activity: Commercialization Storage and after-sales service of Machinery for the transformation of plastics and Peripherals.


All the staff of our Company.


As a guideline of our daily management, the following principles are established that are transmitted to all the personnel of the organization and which are essential for the satisfaction of our customers and our own management. These maxims are also subject to control and improvement

    • The quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers is the main objective of all the staff of the organization.

    • Only first brands. Our company only represents exclusively for the spanish territory the brands of manufacturers of machinery for the transformation of plastic of greater prestige and renown and so we transmit it to our customers.

    • A commercial Network capable of covering the entire national territory can respond technically to all the specifications and needs raised by our potential clients. With an urgent reaction to facilitate the bids requested either from standard equipment or complex installations.

    • Our after Sales service means the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, so the quality of both human resources and technical and square parts is done with the highest level and requirement.

    • The technical actions in the headquarters of our customers differentiate us from the competition for quality, image, training of our staff and resources that we are endowed with, highlighting the importance of the training of our staff and prevention of occupational risks it means.

    • A continuous improvement in order to obtain a preferential and differential position among the suppliers of our clients.

    • It is revised annually for its adaptation.

    • Always in accordance with current legislation.

    • Establishes a frame of reference for setting quality objectives.